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In 2021, this will be a very famous family interactive toy, as well as a toy that will help us relax.

If I highly advise you to purchase this toy if you are looking for an engaging toy that is not dangerous and is appropriate for groups, children, and outdoor use.

The game's rules are straightforward.

1. Determine the position of the target. Place the orange "goal" toy wherever you'd like.

(For instance, (difficulty) desktop/window glass/car hood/refrigerator/mobile sweeping robot)

2. The number of "darts" toys distributed to each participant is the same. Toss the "goal" toy at the same distance. 3 points for the nearest and 1 point for each stick.

The material is made of high-quality silicone rubber, which is extremely soft and leaves no residue. As a result, it can be used on any surface.

An excellent stress reliever. When you're in a bad mood, you should handle it as such and slam it into every surface without leaving a trace. The object can make a fun pop sound when you pull it away from its surface.

It can be washed and reused. Its adhesion will be affected if its surface is coated in dust, but don't worry; all you have to do is wash them with water and they will return to their original state.


    • 1 × Darts Toys (set A: 4 Blue Darts Toys+4 Green Darts Toys+1 Orange Target Marker) / (set B:5 Blue Darts Toys+5 Green Darts Toys+2 Orange Target Markers)