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Outstanding Contour Gauge

📐 The Outstanding Contour Gauge handles trim work impressively.📏

Molding shapes and trim work are such a hassle. You need to use tons of materials for you to make precise cuts and measurements. Sometimes simply guessing the measurement of curved and irregular objects in your house for molding doesn’t work.

There’s a new way to lessen the trouble of molding and trim work.  It works best in outlining curved and irregular profiles around your house.

With this outlining tool, you need not use cardboards to outline various shapes around your house. You need not “guess” the measurement of the profile which will only frustrate you with inadequate results.

This profile outlining tool precisely contours irregular shapes in your house. Delivers accurate measurements to fit molded objects. The Outstanding Contour Gauge is every carpenter’s must-have tool. It’s the only lacking tool in your toolbox.  


◾️  It’s Made from tough, durable plastic that doesn’t scratch
    the original finish of the shape
◾️  It’s lighter than it looks and is durable
◾️  It's sturdy, well built and easy to use
◾️  It’s durable and rustproof
◾️  Made of high quality ABS plastic and metal
◾️  It’s got adjustable tightness
◾️  It has metal locking lever
◾️  Slides smoothly onto the odd surface for molding
◾️  It’s applicable for wood or tile floor installation
◾️  This tool is wider than the usual contour gauge
◾️  It fits edges easily and perfectly


◾️  It’s useful for making it easier to measure curves and
    irregular objects when laying flooring
◾️  This outlining tool forms well to most shapes
◾️  It works well in cataloging the traditional wood molding
◾️  This tool is great for scribing baseboard around the
    bullnose of staircase steps
◾️  It creates perfect cut to fit carpet tiles around the doors
    and trim by the back door
◾️  This contour gauge makes outlining job easier and more
◾️  It eliminates the “guessing” of measurements in every
    irregular shape
◾️  This outlining tool follows any shape pretty well
◾️  It’s very easy to use and extremely handy around the house
◾️  It creates an instant template for curved and odd shaped


◾️  Material: High-quality ABS Plastic
◾️  Size: 146 x 105 x 26mm
◾️  Measuring Range: 0-120mm
◾️  Scope: 0-120mm


1 x Outstanding Contour Gauge 


With this tool, applying tiles, doing some woodwork or trim work is going to be very easy and with much accuracy. Your job won’t be a hassle and you’d surely enjoy duplicating shapes in your home for improvement.

Get the Outstanding Contour Gauge and make your life easy!

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