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Lulling Plush Dog/Cat Bed

🐕 The softest, most soothing bed you could give your dog or cat.🐈

Comfort, warmth, and utter bliss all in one plush bed for your loyal companion.

If your dog or cat is having difficulty in relaxing and always gets antsy, then the perfect bed to calm them down is finally within your reach.

Your pet deserves some of the luxuries in life, and this bed is just the perfect one.

With its faux fur that offers the soothing effect, your pet will be able to quickly relax and be lulled to sleep. 


◾️  Made of non-toxic materials
◾️  Uses nylon and high quality synthetic plush fur
◾️  Raised rim design provide head and neck support
◾️  This bed is safe in the washer and dryer
◾️  It features a round design, creating a cozy, protective

◾️  The bolstered sides provide a comforting, secure boundary
◾️  Has a non-slip bottom which is waterproof and prevents
◾️  It’s warm and luxurious
◾️  It’s big enough to fit a fully-grown dog
◾️  It provides orthopedic and joint support
◾️  It’s easy to climb on for your pets since it’s not so tall
◾️  It’s lightweight and super soft


◾️  Ideal for pets to curl up or sprawl
◾️  This pet bed helps your pet calm down faster, ease
    anxiety, and sleep well
◾️  It allows your dog and cat to curl up for better sleep
◾️  It’s portable and you can bring this with when you travel
    with your pet
◾️  Fluffy will definitely feel surrounded by love and warmth
◾️  This bed will allow them to have the best sleeping
◾️  Your dog or cat will be able to sleep soundly during the day
◾️  Your dog or cat can now sprawl comfortably whenever they
    like to
◾️  Its nest-like design encourages cats and dogs to curl up for
    a peaceful sleep


1 x Comfy Calming Dog/Cat Bed


This lulling plush pet bed isn’t just a bed. It’s your way of showing your pet that you love them and you deeply care for them.

Show your pet you care. Get them this Lulling Plush Pet Bed!

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